We improve company culture by elevating workplace communications.

Cultures are created by what we do and what we say. Fairwords was created to help people improve their communications in order to promote an inclusive, compliant, and fair workplace.

Promoting the rules for everyone to follow is core to our sense of fairness because we believe in an even playing field for all. And it starts with how we communicate.

Leadership Team

Tom Bubeck


Sean Sullivan

VP, Product

Sarah Stadler

VP, Marketing

Donna Culver

VP, Business Development

Jonathan Moskowitz

VP, Operations

Jason Patel

VP, Client Services

Paul Barrick

Director, Engineering

India Nolen-Tuleja

Director, Operations

Board of

Joe Mrak

Chairman of the Board

Rick Kushel

Co-founder & General Partner, Fintop Capital

Apurva Sanghavi

Senior Director, Futures, Options & Digital, Prime Unicorn Index

Jared Winegrad

Managing Director,
Fintop Capital

Tom Bubeck

CEO, Fairwords

Our Values

Seek to understand

We always listen first, then ask questions. We seek to understand why a teammate, client, or partner holds a given perspective, even if it conflicts with our own.

How can we help?

We always approach problems with a curiosity mindset with the intent to help as much as we can.

Meet people where they are

We always put ego and impatience aside in favor of effective coaching, teaching, or help.

Integrity and Commitment

We ensure that we only make promises we intend to keep, and we keep the promises we make.