Our Mission

Fairwords is on a mission to promote fairness in business by encouraging ethical, honest, and compliant communications. Our communications compliance solutions help provide compliance leaders and teams with proactive training, analytics, and archiving to mitigate communications risks and prevent compliance crises and lawsuits.

Helping companies and teams uphold cultures of compliance is core to our sense of fairness because we believe integrity and profit are not mutually exclusive, but rather, they work together to create the greatest success.

Our Values

We put fairness first

We believe in treating everyone with impartiality and respect. By prioritizing fairness, we foster a culture of honesty, inclusiveness, and transparency, which allows us to do right by all of our stakeholders.

We embrace humility & lead with curiosity

We understand that the greatest ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. We encourage risk taking and embrace that it’s not about being right; it’s about doing what’s right. And, to discover the next solution, we must be curious about what’s possible.

We are dedicated to purposeful progress

We are a nimble, mission-minded team and we believe in taking purposeful action to create progress. Our approach is rooted in thoughtfulness and intention, enabling us to work efficiently and create positive outcomes for both our clients and our company.

Leadership Team

Tom Bubeck


Sean Sullivan

VP, Product

Sarah Stadler

VP, Marketing

Donna Culver

VP, Business Development

Jonathan Moskowitz

VP, Operations

Jason Patel

VP, Client Services

Paul Barrick

VP, Engineering

India Nolen-Tuleja

Director, Operations

Board of

Joe Mrak

Chairman of the Board

Rick Kushel

Co-founder & General Partner, Fintop Capital

Apurva Sanghavi

Senior Director, Futures, Options & Digital, Prime Unicorn Index

Jared Winegrad

Managing Director,
Fintop Capital

Tom Bubeck

CEO, Fairwords