Fairwords Guide

Our patented AI-powered training software is changing the way people write at work.

How it works

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Fairwords provides ready-built policy modules to get you started right away.

You can also build your own modules based on your company policies.

Users are notified of potentially harmful language as they type and given information about why that language is harmful.

Real-world examples are shown of how language has been detrimental to businesses and careers offering more reasons to edit a message before hitting send.

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See which words or phrases are being flagged to inform future training focus

 Understand the percentage of employees who revise their messages before sending

See which communications channels are being flagged the most

Anonymous dashboard analytics show communications trends over time

Guide is a seamless solution that keeps communications inclusive, compliant, and fair.

Active communications protection

Proactive training for users as they type. Alerts before communications are sent prompt users to edit language, preventing potentially damaging communications.

Automated feedback

Support users with in-context training materials and company policies applicable to the policy they may be in danger of violating.

Anonymized communications dashboards

Measure the direct impact of your training program on communications behavior, trends, and identify continuing risks and opportunities to evolve your policies.

Our technology

Fairwords technology is fast, smart, and helpful. Text analysis is performed using market leading AI and flexible deterministic rules. Combined with a unique interaction design, our patented technology continuously monitors and then influences careful communications. Pre-built Policy Modules leverage case studies, customer experience, and prominent subject matter experts to get up-and-running fast. Customers can easily add and maintain their own modules for a more tailored experience.

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Words matter. Your communications leave a lasting impact. Whether you think you’re great with words, or not a words person, you have to write them every day at work. Let us help you choose the right ones.