Elevate your company culture by improving the nature and quality of your written communications.

Cultures are created by what we do and what we say.

Fairwords is the first AI-powered communications protection software that proactively trains as employees type to foster inclusive, compliant, and fair business communications.

Annual HR and compliance training isn’t enough.

The Fairwords AI keeps company rules and policies front and center as employees type, ensuring an ethical and compliant culture that makes the rules of conduct clear and easy to follow.

Fairwords helps determine the efficacy of HR and compliance programs through anonymous dashboards and analytics that provide insight into how teams are communicating. This supports a safe, compliant, and ethical workplace.

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Fairwords supports everyone writing communications at work

Remote and hybrid work has increased the number of written channels employees are using to communicate. As a compliance leader, keeping track of new channels can put compliance rules and programs at risk. Fairwords helps employees wherever they’re writing, in turn assuring compliance leaders that their rules of conduct are being upheld.

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Traditional annual training is insufficient because employees often race through it and quickly forget it. It also leaves employees feeling that their company is trying to meet the bare minimum and not endeavoring to elevate company culture. Fairwords helps with in-the-moment training to consistently reinforce annual training, helping ensure an inclusive, compliant, and fair communications culture.

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Whether you’re just starting out with your company or you’re sitting in the c-suite, you’re writing emails, instant messages, and more every day. Fairwords is here to help you by providing support as you type to ensure your communications are inclusive, compliant, and fair.

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Fairwords helps companies fulfill and exceed Department of Justice requirements

Through proactive training as employees type, Fairwords helps support well-designed and well-run compliance programs by providing guidance and compliance policies in practice.